You Need to Actively Engage in Social Media

Branding is the name of the marketing game in today’s social media for insurance world. Even insurance companies are expected to brand themselves in such a way that consumers will come to trust who they are, not what they offer. Millennials is the target audience. They are the current generation spending money, and they heavily influence their parents’ purchasing decisions.

Gain Fans, Not Customers

Primary marketing goals used to be to gain customers, but social media has changed the marketing landscape, and social media for insurance sets out to gain fans. Why? Millennials research their buying decisions online, and they want to be entertained while they do it.

Companies must have a strong online presence that engages a visitor’s attention within five seconds. If you haven’t hooked viewers by then, they will click to another page. This is why entertainment is so crucial; you have to draw your potential customers in and keep them there.

The Media Is Literal

This takes work. Your brand must be active and entertaining on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Blogs/Websites

This takes a branding strategy designed to engage your potential customers and keep them hooked with consistency across all social media for insurance platforms. You achieve this, and you’ve just marketed successfully 21st century style.