Workers Compensation for Small Businesses

Workers Compensation for Small Businesses

Virginia Workman's Comp

When you own a small business in Virginia, there are many aspects of the job that you may not have taken into consideration when you first launched your company. One of these is worker’s compensation. If your business began in your kitchen, this may not have been something you needed to think about initially. However, as it grows and you hire more employees, it’s a good idea to look into Virginia workers comp. Depending on how many employees you have, your small business may actually need workers compensation. Small businesses in Virginia with at least three employees are required to include workers compensation in their business insurance policies, even if their employees are part-time.

Regardless of the number of your employees, you may find it valuable to invest in Virginia workers comp. If your employees’ daily tasks include driving, it can bring great peace of mind to know that their medical bills will be covered if they are injured in an accident. You also cannot predict when work accidents will occur. Workers compensation can help take care of your employees if they fall and injure themselves while doing work for your company. If you have not considered workers compensation before, look into your options for Virginia workers comp and see what policies fit your small business.