Workers’ Compensation Responsibilities

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law and benefits both the employee and employer in case of a workplace injury. Here are the necessary steps an employer must take in order to properly carry out their legal obligation.

Carry Valid Insurance

Above all, a business needs to carry a valid workers’ compensation insurance policy. There are employees that find out that they do not have workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles that have to file a claim with the Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund.

Post Required Notifications

To be compliant with the law, employers need to have notices posted in a central employee location that gives information about the workers’ compensation benefits available to them, and who the insurer is. In addition, a statement needs to be posted that any injured worker has the right to ask for and receive medical treatment.

Provide Claim Materials in a Timely Manner

The third responsibility an employer has is to make sure that an injured employee receives a claim form within 24 hours of the injury. Written information about employee rights within the workers’ compensation insurance program should be given to the employee.

Employers that comply with the workers’ compensation regulations by carrying appropriate insurance and notifying employees of their rights will benefit by ensuring the health and safety of their employees.
If these actions do not happen, an employer can be fined and the injured employee can file a legal suit.