Why You Should Consider Purchasing Adult Night Club Insurance

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Adult Night Club Insurance

Night Club Insurance

Running a business of any sort comes with a certain amount of risk.  This is especially true when it comes to nightlife and adult entertainment.  It is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.  Part of being prepared is having good adult night club insurance coverage that can pick up the cost if something goes wrong.

There are a number of different insurance types available specifically for adult entertainment businesses.  However, there are three major types of coverage that address some of the most common risks presented in the adult entertainment industry.

Assault and Battery Coverage

Assault and battery is one of the biggest risks faced by adult businesses.  Assault and battery can occur between patrons and it can occur between an agent and a patron.  It is important to have coverage for both of these situations.

Harassment Coverage

Harassment is extremely common in the adult entertainment industry.  Dancers and entertainers are constantly at risk of being harassed by customers and it can lead to serious issues.  Having tailored coverage that includes harassment coverage can make a huge difference.

Liquor Liability

Any establishment that serves alcohol can easily face a variety of potential issues.  If a customer gets drunk at your establishment and then drives and causes an accident, you can easily become liable.  It’s vital that you have adequate coverage in this capacity.

Running an adult entertainment business can be tricky.  Having good insurance can make all the difference.