Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

If you own a business in Connecticut, then you need to have insurance to protect your interests. The independent insurance agents of Connecticut are there to help. Why go with an independent agency? Here are some reasons to consider.

Independent Agencies Have Experience with a Wide Range of Clients and Policies

Because they’re not limited by corporate rules, independent agents are free to provide many types of policies to many types of clients. They tend to have a diverse client list and a lot of knowledge about different businesses. If your business is new to them, they will most certainly have experience with something similar, or know how to find the information they need.

Independent Agencies Can Tailor Policies to Your Needs

Because of their experience with many businesses and their freedom to select from many different policies, independents can tailor any coverage to a client’s specific needs, including exposure, risk tolerance and many other services.

Independent Agencies Can Use Many Different Companies

The primary reason independents can tailor policies to a client’s needs is because they draw policies from several different insurance companies. Because of this capability, they tend to use only the highest-rated companies, and they also tend to get the best price.

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