Why Teachers Need Liability Insurance

Why Teachers Need Liability Insurance

Teachers dedicate their lives to the education of youth and the improvement of skills of adults. Many instructors are so focused on preparing curricula and grading papers that they lose sight of the larger picture of today’s educational system and its burgeoning legal processes. Teachers carry a high level of liability due to their interpersonal relations with students and the expectations of direct results from teaching, which is why Directors and Officers for Educators is important coverage.

Education Lawsuits Are Difficult to Defend

It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of instruction, other than through test scores. If a student performs poorly, there could be a number of possibilities as to the cause, but a teacher or tutor is exposed to the perception of failing to do their job adequately. What’s more, there is rarely any hard evidence available to prove innocence from accusations of physical, verbal or even sexual abuse.

Educational Institutions Do Not Protect Teachers

Schools hold insurance to defend against a variety of risks, from student admission policies to hiring decisions. In the case of a lawsuit, educational institutions can spend millions of dollars, but teachers are not covered under the general insurance policy and can be personally liable for any action or inaction. In the last several years, 23% of educators have either had a lawsuit brought against them or have settled out of court. Directors and Officers for Educators insurance provides liability coverage so that teachers have peace of mind and can focus on being the best teachers they can be.