Why Having Temporary Employees Requires a Different Insurance Approach

Why Having Temporary Employees Requires a Different Insurance Approach

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The temporary staffing industry is a unique market for risk managers to examine. Permanent employees work alongside people who may not be in the office for more than a couple weeks. Although their skill sets may similar, their levels of investment in the work and the company are bound to be vastly different. This plays out in a number of ways that could relate to temporary staffing insurance policies and help explain why temporary employees justify a different insurance approach.

Less Workplace Training

With companies cutting budgets, seasonal employees come on board to help with big projects or seasonal pushes. Yet those temporary employees do not have the advantage of ongoing education that permanent employees have. In a potentially dangerous workplace like a machine shop or a warehouse, this can cause problems. Thus, worker’s compensation or general liability policies for temporary staffing insurance packages may need to be a little different than those for long term employees.

Less Time to Build Relationships

Because temporary employees generally get hired when there is a work crunch, there is little time for them to slowly work into the position. They need to get going right away. This can cause stress. And veteran employees may get frustrated when the new guy on the block doesn’t understand company policies and procedures. Stress can develop, and this can be the basis for conflict, which could in turn lead to harassment going in either direction, or even discrimination. Because lawsuits of that nature can really affect a company’s bottom line, a good employment practices policy is a key part of a unique portfolio of temporary staffing insurance policies suitable for companies with temporary employees.