When You Need Specialty Insurance

When You Need Specialty Insurance

Whether your firm provides home health care, medical staffing, or hospice services, it’s important that you have the right amount and type of specialty insurance. In the health care field, there are always risks you need to protect your company and workers from. Here are three coverages you should consider:

1. Workers Compensation

This type of coverage insures against your employee’s on-the-job injuries as well as costs associated with them. Losses happen fairly often in this industry due to the physical labor involved, so by having the appropriate workers’ compensation policy, your firm is protected.

2. General Liability

In order to protect your assets, it’s crucial that you carry general liability specialty insurance. This coverage protects against third-party lawsuits, catastrophic accidents, and other damages that could endanger your business.

3. Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice coverage protects your firm against errors and omissions. It is also called Professional Liability protection. Mistakes happen, and you don’t want an accidental oversight to close the doors of your business. This policy safeguards you and your workers from these types of calamities.

The health care field is a highly rewarding and important field to work in. In order to safely do this crucial work, it’s important than your company and the individuals you employ are protected. By purchasing these three types of specialty insurance, your staff members can perform their job duties without liability worries.