What You Should Know Before Operating UTVs and ATVs

utv insurance

Traveling off-road in a utility task vehicle or all-terrain vehicle can be an exciting way to adventure in the less-traveled areas of the country. Whether you are out with friends for a long weekend, joyriding along well-known trails, or escaping to find some freedom from the work-day rat-race, there are a few things you should know about UTVs and ATVs – including UTV insurance.

Accidents Do Happen

Never travel alone in the wilderness, off-road areas, or in other unknown areas because accidents do occur. Most are due to

Inexperienced drivers
Dangerous stunts
Unexpected terrain
Racing others

Being alone can quickly become a deadly situation.

Insurance Is Essential

It only takes one accident to ruin someone’s life. Property damage suits, extreme bodily injury, and terrible collisions do happen; and when they do, the monetary settlement can put someone in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. Insurance can help by paying attorney fees, fixing the vehicles, and reimbursing medical expenses for injuries suffered. ATV and UTV insurance can also cover

Vehicle theft
Hitting an object
Rolling the vehicle
Uninsured drivers

Be proactive and call your insurance carrier today to inquire about off-road vehicle insurance. You don’t have to give up your freedom to get peace of mind; you only need to find some insurance coverage before your next trip into the great unknown.