What You Need To Know About Media Liability Cyber Insurance

What You Need To Know About Media Liability Cyber Insurance

Media Liability Cyber Insurance

Running a media or publishing company means keeping up with constantly changing technology. If you’re looking for cyber insurance policies to help protect your business from internet-based legal hazards, it’s best to be informed about typical media liability coverage and the protections it offers.

“Media” Covers a Broad Range of Liability Risks

If your business lies in the advertising, broadcasting or publishing industries, or if you simply have a strong online presence, you could be considered a publisher for legal purposes in the event of a claim. Because the term “media” can cover a wide range of businesses, media liability insurance often covers several liability risks, including:

  • Defamation
  • Trademark or copyright infringement
  • Plagiarism
  • Libel or slander
  • Breach of implied contract

Depending on your insurance provider, you can usually get a policy tailored to your needs.

Certain Policies Can Cover Settlements and Employees

Media insurance policies can cover more than just your business. Many policies can help cover the cost of legal fees, including judgments or settlements. With additional coverage, you may also be able to protect employees and subsidiaries, sometimes including contract workers.

In today’s ever-evolving internet landscape, media and publishing companies have a lot of liability risks to juggle. The right cyber insurance policies can help protect your business when you need it.