What Is Covered By Ordinance and Law Insurance?

NorthStar Insurance Services

Does your commercial insurance policy include ordinance and law insurance? If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance you’re not covered to the extent you may think you are. Worst of all, you may not find this out until it’s already too late and disaster has already struck. Understanding the importance of ordinance and law insurance is a critical part of staying protected.

What Does It Cover?

The insurance policy you already have may well protect your property in the event of a natural disaster, a fire, or other happening if the entire premises is lost to that disaster. However, you may well run into issues when it comes to rebuilding any portion of the building that survives should it fail to comply with current city ordinances. As explained by NorthStar Insurance Services, adding ordinance and law coverage ensures you’re protected in the event of:

  • Any loss to the portion of the building considered undamaged by the event.
  • The need for partial or total demolition of the remaining portion of the property.
  • The need for additional construction necessary to bring the property into compliance with the ordinance.

Bringing Your Policy Up to Speed

Comprehensiveness is the name of the game when it comes to making sure your insurance is really protecting you to the extent that it should be. Speak with an agent today about adding ordinance and law coverage to your policy today for true peace of mind.