What Is Covered by Insurance for Water Treatment Facilities?

What Is Covered by Insurance for Water Treatment Facilities?

Water treatment insurance

The process of water treatment involves more companies than just the facilities which actually process the liquid. This industry also includes those who make and package the chemicals and equipment used in treating water as well as the companies which test water supplies and service boilers and coolers. Water treatment insurance, therefore, needs to cover a wide variety of risks that these companies generate. Some of those risks include faulty tests, contaminants in the water and much more.

The best way to determine what your risks are, how to minimize those risks and how to properly insure them is to sit down with an underwriter dedicated to insuring the water treatment industry. These companies will have experience insuring all the different aspects of the process as well as the risks involved in treating various sources of water. For instance, these companies can help you see where you need to upgrade your equipment to lower your risk of contamination. Some may even give you discounts on your premiums for the upgrades.

Water treatment insurance can help you cover claims resulting in you being found liable for damages. This can include faulty tests as well as equipment failures and more. You can find the right insurance, and the right risk reduction practices, by talking to an underwriter.