What Does the Market for Trucking Insurance Include?

What Does the Market for Trucking Insurance Include?

Intermediate trucking coverage market

The intermediate trucking coverage market is ordinarily classified into three operating categories: local, intermediate and long-haul. These categories are based on the range of distance your trucks operate under. Trucks that fall under the intermediate category generally travel from about a 101 to 300 mile radius. As such, intermediate trucks have a specific type of coverage aimed directly at their needs. The intermediate trucking coverage market usually includes auto liability insurance, which covers damage and injuries sustained during a road accident, general liability and more depending on what kind of program is offered.

The market can be divided further into more categories depending on the type of truck you use. An example is a hauler. Some programs offer coverage for specific haulers, such as container, general freight or produce. It is important to determine what kind of truck you own in order to explore your options. You can also explore options that pertain specifically to your location. The market differs depending on where your business is located. For example, some programs are offered to those in specific area of states.

Understanding the intermediate trucking coverage market means taking advantage of the best available options. Instead of having to choose from a market for standard vehicles, you can focus on a market made especially with you in mind.