What Does General Liability Insurance Actually Cover?

What Does General Liability Insurance Actually Cover?

General liability insurance is a must-have for any professional business, but it is too easy to assume it covers much more than it actually does. So, just what does your Atlanta liability insurance actually cover?

  1. Does It Cover Sub-Contractors? – Your company’s liability insurance will not cover any hired sub-contractors. Ensure your hired workers have their own insurance plans, including liability.
  2. Does It Cover Data Security? – General liability will not cover any information a data breach exposes. If your company conducts business online, be sure to purchase a cyber liability policy for further protection.
  3. Does It Cover Special Events? – A special event means more people, more equipment, and more risk. Your general liability probably doesn’t cover a special event since it’s outside the realm of your normal operations. Check with your insurance company, and purchase special event insurance if necessary.
  4. Does It Cover Professional Errors? – Your policy will not cover your mistakes. General liability is specifically designed to pay for damage caused by your products. You will need professional liability insurance to cover any errors you make while performing a job.

Speak with your Atlanta liability insurance company directly, especially if the situation is outside of how you normally run your business. It’s better to be sure than to end up with a hefty legal bill to pay out of pocket.