Unexpected Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance

Unexpected Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance

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If there’s one expense that a business shouldn’t overlook, it’s insurance. One disaster, natural or manmade, can have devastating consequences on an organization. You probably realize that allied health professional insurance manages your financial exposure to claims, but a good insurance company offers many more factors to your company that you may not be taking into account:

  • When a client makes a claim against your business, even if it may be unfounded, it takes time and money to investigate that claim. Not only is your insurance company there should you have to pay out because you are at fault, it also covers loss of income, defense expenses and travel while you’re looking into a claim.
  • Although a claim is not active until written notice is received, the insurance company can intervene before the claim is filed.
  • When a claim is made against your company, it’s not only your financial assets at stake. It’s your reputation.
  • Check with your insurance company to see if your insurance policy will pay for a public relations firm to manage your brand.

Allied health professional insurance gives you peace of mind to go about your daily business. But when you’re facing a claim, it offers much more than financial benefits. Don’t overlook the importance of having a great insurer that gives you so much more for your premiums.