Understanding a Basic Marina Insurance Policy

Understanding a Basic Marina Insurance Policy

Insurance for marinas

If you’re looking to insure your marina or yacht club, you may already be aware of the variety of coverage options. Owning and covering one boat can be stressful, let alone a whole club full of them with a restaurant or hotel thrown in. A basic policy for marinas looks similar to a lot of other business insurance packages, but there are also some specifics you should ask for. Insurance for marinas can get expensive, but some research can help you get the right policy for the best value.

If your members entrust their boats to your care, marine operators legal liability coverage can help protect you while the property is your responsibility. This can be useful particularly if you offer specific types of maintenance for your members. Workers compensation can help if your employees are injured on the job. The better taken care of they are, the sooner they can return to work, and the less disruption you have on your day-to-day operations. Other common types of coverage include protection and identity as well as commercial general liability. Though the basic policy covers a lot, you may want to add more products, like umbrella coverage to further protect you during storms. Though there are a lot of options, insurance for marinas can help things get back to normal when the unthinkable happens.