The Top Three Reasons to Have Construction Insurance

The Top Three Reasons to Have Construction Insurance

Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor, or even a wide-ranging handyman, choosing the right construction insurance in CT is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. There are three main reasons why it is essential to carry construction coverage for your company.


1. Protect Your Workers


Even the simplest jobsite can be dangerous. If you are caught uninsured, you may be liable for the medical bills and expenses of your employee. With the right liability coverage, these unforeseen costs can be covered.


2. Protect Your Property


Many construction specialists possess their own high-powered tools and machines. If your gear has ben damaged on-site, replacing it can be expensive. When you invest in construction coverage, your insurance will pay to replace or repair your machinery.


3. Protect Your Clients


Accidents happen, and if something were to go wrong on a jobsite while working for a client, your construction insurance in CT would cover you. You are also protected in case of a lawsuit. If you come in contact with a disgruntled client who attempts to sue you for compensation, your insurance will protect you if you have to go to court.


If you are the leader on any construction project, it is important to make sure that you are properly covered. If you or your crew is ever in an accident onsite, construction insurance in CT can help your business get back on its feet quickly.