Tips to Start Operating a Commercial Painting Business

Tips to Start Operating a Commercial Painting Business

Tangram Insurance Services

Commercial painting companies don’t require a huge start-up cost compared to other industries. Before you launch your company, there are a few things to consider such as janitor insurance programs.


The insurance firm Tangram Insurance Services classifies professional painters as a primary class in their janitor insurance programs. Wet paint can cause someone to slip and fall. An injury can cost the business substantial financial loss. Insurance steps in and help cover your risks to ultimately save you time and money.


Most businesses have to register with the local government. A quick search often brings up the secretary of state’s office where you live. In a few minutes, you can complete the form and start operating.


Painting requires some equipment. Keep in mind that you don’t have to have all of this on hand immediately. You can wait to purchase items once you have the customer’s deposit. Or you can rely on your subcontractors to supply it.


A business website helps your business look professional. It also helps customers find you. Include keywords such as commercial painter in x location, etc. Clearly show your contact information right on the home page.

These tips can help your commercial painting business launch with success and less money. Janitor insurance programs can help keep your fledgling business painting along.