Tips for Shopping for Classic Collector’s Insurance

Tips for Shopping for Classic Collector’s Insurance

Finding the right classic collector’s insurance plan for your vintage car can be something of a chore, with all the different companies that offer it having varying levels of coverage and varying payment rates. To ensure you get exactly the right plan to suit you and your vehicle, it is a good idea to make note of a few factors that will guide your decision-making. Here is a pair of things that should be part of your criteria.

  1. Ask about parts location – If the vehicle you want to insure is quite rare or exotics, then the odds are that it will be challenging to locate any major parts for the same make or model if and when they require replacement. It is possible to use the insurance company’s connections to get in touch with the right people for the job.
  2. Experience minimums – Depending on the company and your car, certain policies may require that you have a certain amount of time on the road before you can purchase coverage. Other times you might not be able to allow others under a certain amount of driving experience behind the wheel.

When it comes to classic collector’s insurance, no detail is too small to consider. Keep asking questions and you’ll eventually find the right policy.