Three Common Concerns Affecting Commercial Property Owners on the Coast

Whether you run a ten-story condo building or have a simple warehouse, you need commercial property wholesale insurance to protect your investment. Living and doing business on the coast provides you with beautiful views and lots of tourists, but it also leaves your property open to some serious risks.


Living so close to the water makes flood insurance a must-have for any property. If you have a commercial property loan, you may be required to obtain the appropriate coverage to obtain the loan. Even if you own the building outright, a flood can come in and easily costs thousands of dollars in damage for only one inch of water. Hurricanes bring in much more.


The lovely breeze on the sand can easily turn into a steady gale with winds lashing at the building. Those high winds from ocean storms even those not of tropical status can cause serious damage to the windows, roof and exterior pieces of the building. As mentioned on, named storm coverage is an option as well.


After a storm blows through, theft can be a huge problem for business owners. Broken windows invite thieves in to take whatever isn’t damaged leaving you with the costs.
Tailor a commercial property wholesale insurance policy to meet your coastal building needs. Hurricanes aren’t the only things that can make for a financial disaster without the right coverage.