When is it Time to Think About Assisted Living?

When is it Time to Think About Assisted Living?

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It’s not easy to realize that you are the adult now and your parents have become the elders. As the circle of life progresses and time goes on, you may notice that one or both of your parents are beginning to require more daily help than you can give them. Here are some signs that it might be time to think about assisted living for Mom and Dad. It can be pricey, but several popular insurance companies can cover some of the cost.


It starts out with little things. Missed doctor’s appointments, or being told the same story a few times. As it graduates into bigger, scarier things like forgetting that the stove was left on, forgetfulness can be a major sign that something is happening in Mom or Dad’s mind. Make sure that they are covered by insurance (popular insurance companies cover damages like fires) and speak to their doctor about the next steps.

Eating Habits

If your parent has suddenly gained or lost noticeable weight, this might be cause for concern. It means that their eating habits have changed and they are not properly taking care of themselves.

Poor Hygiene

Like eating habits, noticeable changes in your parents’ hygiene indicate that they are not managing their own health properly. Signs like this might include:


A messy home

Unclean or unwashed body

Seeing your parents getting older is a difficult thing to process. Speak with them and with their medical professional when you start to see signs that they might require assisted living.