The Value of Social Media Sharing

Social media for insurance

Social media is about life. Recording events, talking about and sharing them in a meaningful way is what connects people. From quick snapshots to short video clips, people share their lives online. Social media for insurance provides a channel for interacting with clients and prospects. It is transforming the way industry professionals communicate with and relate to their audience. However, like any marketing strategy, there must be a plan in place that details what the priorities are and how the brand wants to position itself.

Here are a few tips for harnessing the power of social media to connect with consumers.

  • Make customer needs a priority. Real-time responses with practical information are crucial to meeting consumer needs.
  • Show people your passion. Speak to the issues from a personal perspective. Share stories and encourage consumers to share theirs.
  • Focus on “how” instead of “what.” Instead of talking about the products, share how they can transform lives for the better.
  • Create content that consumers want to share. Whether it’s a list of helpful resources or how to prepare for an emergency, content should be useful and easy to engage.

Social media for insurance is about interacting with your consumers and fostering loyalty. Integrating social channels into your website can help deliver sustainable growth and build an online community of clients.