The Types Of Home Insurance Policies

Home insurance policies, much like homes themselves, come in many shapes and sizes. Not every policy is the right fit for everyone homeowner. Just as you have to take your time and shop around before you find the home you want to live in, you’ll have to do a little hunting before you find the Homeowners Insurance Massachusetts policy that’s just right. Knowing a little bit about this valuable form of insurance will help the shopping process go much more smoothly.
A Range of Policies
A Homeowners Insurance Massachusetts policy is a product purchased as a safeguard against the chance that something bad happens to your place of residence or on the property surrounding it. To provide the best possible safeguard, the insurance industry developed different types of policies. As you’ve shopped for policies, you may have heard of HO-2, HO-3, and HO-6. These are three of the industry standard designations for homeowners policies, each of which addresses concerns unique to a particular type of property and provides coverage in the case of certain disasters.
Many Protections
The HO-3 policy is one of the most popular forms of Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts because of its comprehensive nature. HO-3 is a shorthand way of referring to the homeowners policy special form number three. This policy insures not just the home of the policy holder but any related structures. This means that garages, carriage houses, mother-in-law houses, and sheds may be covered. Other lines of coverage included in the HO-3 policy are medical and personal liability.
HO-3 policies are very common, which means that you can find them offered at competitive rates. This broad form of coverage will give you significant peace of mind.