The Dangers of Cyber Attacks

The Dangers of Cyber Attacks

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The internet is a wondrous thing that keeps the world connected. However, it also allows cyber criminals to target and attack businesses and organizations to steal information or cause harm. Fortunately, cyber liability policies can help in the event that a cyber attack occurs.

Hazardous Results of These Attacks

Companies take certain precautions to protect data of the business and of clients. That being said, hackers can still find ways around this protection. The hackers themselves could be employees with access or someone from the competition.

Either way, the following results of an attack can be damaging:

Stolen information
Leaked data
Deleted files
Malicious viruses

Common Targets of These Attacks

Some information is more valuable in a sense than others, especially to hackers. This includes things like social security numbers and competitor business plans.

The most common types of targets that see cyber attacks include the following:

Healthcare information
Intellectual property
IT data
Personal information
Legal files

Recovering From a Cyber Attack

Cyber crimes are a constant threat in the business world. While cyber liability cannot prevent a cyber attack, it can help with the fallout of one by alerting the appropriate parties, paying any fees and performing crisis management. Having a cyber liability policy for your company means you understand the risks and are working to mitigate them as much as possible.