Temporary Staffing Insurance: Protecting the Exposed

Temporary Staffing Insurance: Protecting the Exposed

Employees run risks of all kinds when they step onto any business premise to resume their work for the day. However, the situation with employees for a temporary staffing agency is particularly unique in that the exposure potential is highly aggravated. Given the number of potential positions a temporary employee could cover, there are exposures ranging from transportation risks to procedural exposures which temporary staffing insurance needs to be able to cover.

Taking a Closer Look

There are a wide variety of exposures which need to be considered when an insurance policy is being scrutinized. For instance, the following few exposures are critical risks to be aware of.

  • Property. Property exposures typically are made up of office-type hazards with theft potential depending on the amount of important electronic equipment at hand.
  • Crime. Resulting from what is called employee dishonesty, this is a difficult exposure point which must be rectified through insurance coverage.
  • Premises Liability. This exposure comes from the safety conditions of the premises upon which employees must work. There is a moderately high risk resulting from these possibilities.
  • Professional Liability. Background, training, and licensing of agency employees represent a high-level exposure risk. Misrepresentation of either party can result in negligence allegations.

This is only to name a few of the risks inherent in a temporary staffing agency’s business. Because of the overwhelming amount of exposure points, a solid temporary staffing insurance policy is mandatory.