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wholesale trucking auto liability insurance

The open road is an unpredictable journey. While your drivers move essential cargo, a number of accidents and unforeseen events can put you at risk. Finding the right wholesale trucking auto liability insurance is essential in preventing reimbursements, part replacements and failures from affecting your personal savings.

This type of liability insurance can provide protection for the goods you are moving as well as cover your expenses in case of emergency. As with many commercial auto policies, this type of liability coverage is required before any of your trucks hit the road. However, if working with the right insurance broker, you can extend this policy beyond accidents. A few of the policies that provide extra coverage include:

  • Theft
  • Equipment Failure
  • Refrigeration Breakdown
  • Fire
  • Collision

In addition to these coverages, most wholesale trucking auto liability still covers you in case of damages caused to other property or autos by your trucks. Certain companies can also work with the shipper’s specific requirement to build a unique policy. Others also provided pollution cleanup in case your cargo is damaged as well as debris removal.

In order to get your cargo to its destination safely, having the peace-of-mind that your employees and equipment are insured helps you manage your operation with ease. Contact a qualified insurance provider and start your journey to reliable coverage.