Who Benefits from Connecticut High Net Worth Insurance?

Connecticut High Net Worth Insurance

When you think about the various types of insurance coverage that you can purchase, you may run across Connecticut high net worth insurance. This type of insurance coverage is for individuals with a high net worth and who have a significant amount of assets that are not covered by the typical type of insurance coverage. Special insurance programs are often required, which is why looking into high net worth insurance might be the best choice for such individuals.


The Individuals


There’s not a list of specific people who are allowed to obtain Connecticut high net worth insurance. Instead, it comes down to the individual and their insurance agent and what they deem as a valuable asset that needs protection. Individuals with the following assets may be the perfect candidates for this type of insurance:


  • Luxury, million dollar homes
  • Expensive wine or other alcohol collections
  • Yachts or other top of the line recreational vehicles
  • Jewelry collections
  • Classic or antique automobiles
  • Precious art collections


The more assets of high net worth that an individual has, the more they have need for Connecticut high net worth insurance. If you feel that you might be a candidate for such insurance coverage, it is best that you speak to your insurance agent today so that you can get your assets covered as soon as possible.