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The Advantages of Business Auto Insurance

business insurance in Henry County

If you own a small business in Henry County, Virginia, you may use your vehicle for business purposes. However, doing so without having business auto insurance may cost you in the long run, even if you believe you are saving money by avoiding additional vehicle coverage. A company that specializes in business insurance in Henry County can help you understand the importance of having proper insurance for any vehicle that is used during the day-to-day operation of your company.

Personal auto insurance rarely covers additional drivers for your vehicle so if any employee causes or gets hurt in an accident while driving it for work purposes, you could be stuck with paying for damages out of pocket. If an accident is serious, you could find yourself responsible for thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills and property damage. Commercial auto insurance can cover you, your vehicle, and any employee who drives it.

Business auto coverage can protect your company from bankruptcy in case of an accident. This is especially important if you or an employee is at fault and your company becomes liable for the damages. Without the proper coverage, lawyer and court fees, as well as out-of-pocket costs, could doom your small company.

Business insurance in Henry County can help protect you and your business with commercial auto coverage. As a small business owner, this type of insurance can offer you peace of mind whenever you or one of your employees gets behind the wheel.