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Protecting Your Investment

antique classic car insurance

Your classic car is more than a beautiful vehicle–it’s an investment of time, money and love. Antique classic car insurance helps you to protect that vehicle just as you would your home, business, or family.

Common Needs

As any car collector can tell you, there is no typical classic or collector car. However, there are a number of coverage needs that these types of cars share, including:

  • spare parts
  • towing insurance
  • accident and injury
  • comprehensive insurance

These may sound like ordinary needs, but in this context they may be different. Spare parts for a rare, antique vehicle are a different matter than those for an antique stock car, or a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Accident and injury coverage is different if you drive your car daily, or simply plan to show it in classic car parades and at shows. These and other considerations having to do with the specific vehicle you own make this insurance a special challenge.

Tailored Coverage

Its best to find an insurance broker who has knowledge of and experience with classic cars. These are the people who will understand where the value lies, and how to accurately gauge the type and level of coverage that you need to protect your car. Antique classic car insurance can protect your investment and give you the confidence that comes from knowing you’re covered.

Insurance Coverage for Your Classic Car and Why You Need It

antique classic car insurance

Classic cars are powerful, beautiful machines from another time, but they can also be incredibly delicate, and most require regular maintenance and proper insurance coverage. Here is a guide to understanding why and how you should find the right antique classic car insurance for your fine automobile.

What’s the Difference?

As an informed car owner, you should do some research before choosing a plan. Insurance for an antique is often on another level than standard plans. Standard coverage usually only covers the cost of the replacement of the vehicle. For a classic, you may be guaranteed an amount that is decided upon by the insurance company and the vehicle owner.

What Is Your Vehicle Worth?

You may do well to learn about the value of your automobile. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Get an appraisal by a professional.
  • Look up the make and model in Kelley Blue Book.

Once you have this information, you can negotiate coverage with your insurance provider.

Are You a Risk Taker?

If you prefer your automobile to be safe in your garage, behind a glass plate, hidden behind lock and key, you may benefit from a plan that differs from someone who drives that machine on the open road every day. Every driver is different and so is every insurance plan. Make sure you get antique classic car insurance for your lifestyle by talking to a professional insurer.

Insure Your Hobby

antique classic car insurance

If you are a car enthusiast and collect classic cars, then you know and understand how much time and money goes into this hobby. The restoration of the vehicles is time consuming and finding the exact parts that are required can be expensive! The last thing you want to happen is to take the vehicle out on the road and have another driver accidentally damage your exquisite vehicle. If this unfortunate incident were to occur, you need to make sure that you have proper coverage with antique classic car insurance.

Classic cars are valuable antiques. If your hobby is to restore these vehicles back to their original glory, then you need to make sure that it is insured properly. A good insurance company will understand that this antique vehicle is much more than just a car to you. The company will be more than willing to provide fair coverage to the vehicle. A policy can be agreed upon that does not take depreciation into account when reimbursing you for a claim. Additionally, special features can be included in the policy depending on how and where you use your classic car.

Restoring and collecting classic cars is one of the few hobbies that can be protected with insurance. Make sure you insure your hobby with an antique classic car insurance policy.