How Storytelling Increases Sales

How Storytelling Increases Sales

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Face the facts: Insurance isn’t an exciting topic for most people. It is, however, a service that many consider essential. Of course, plenty of competition means that your policies won’t sell themselves. The best insurance agency websites have one thread in common: they all tell a story. How does storytelling motivate people to buy? Here are three factors:


  • It builds instant trust. Among strangers, most people keep their distance. A good story, though, serves to break the ice. To the casual web surfer, an interesting narrative distinguishes your page. When someone feels a bond with your agency, they’re more likely to ask for a quote.
  • It increases the value of your services. Not everyone has personal experiences that justify needing insurance. That’s why you need to artfully weave stories into your website’s copy. Anecdotes help undecided leads to perceiving the value of your offerings.
  • It touches the emotional brain. Studies show that the mind has both rational and emotional sides. Facts alone, then, aren’t usually enough to motivate someone to do business. A well-chosen anecdote, however, often sparks connections between the brain’s two sides. 

Perhaps you’re already thinking of how you can leverage elements common to the best insurance agency websites to help yours bring in more clients. Talk with an experienced marketer to transform your ideas into a powerful lead-generating sales tool.