How Your Staffing Agency Would Benefit From Insurance

As a staffing agency, you are part of a powerful and burgeoning industry. In 2011, it was estimated that the staffing industry employed nearly 3 million people across the country. However, there are some particular challenges that staffing agencies face when it comes to liability that are unique to this field. Here are some reasons to acquire staffing agency insurance to protect your business.


High Volume of New People Coming Through Your Doors


Part of your role is to recruit, interview, and send out as many new people as possible to waiting clients. You will be interacting with potentially hundreds of new people per day, all of them who are passing through your office. While it’s important to maintain strong standards for following legal policies, this becomes more difficult when you interact with greater numbers of people. With this high volume of daily, new interactions in your office space, your legal liability also becomes even greater. This liability could be related to physical accidents, employment discrimination or a variety of other factors.


The Right Insurance Lowers Your Increased Liability


Acquiring the right insurance for your staffing agency can help lower your liability and protect you in the case of a lawsuit. No matter how strong your standards are for following legal protocol, it’s impossible to follow every policy, in every situation, with this many people streaming through your doors. Having the right insurance is a smart way to cover your bases and minimize your legal risks.


One of the joys of working in the staffing industry is meeting many new people on a constant basis.  Having the appropriate staffing agency insurance ensures you can do so with peace of mind, rather than with anxiety about any potential legal issues.