Specialized Insurance for Grocery Stores

grocery store insurance

Insurance is an important investment, and in many cases, required by law when running most businesses. The need multiplies if a business handles a significant amount of financial exchange, has employees as well as physical interaction with customers, as is the case with grocery stores. Comprehensive grocery store insurance includes the basic coverage needs of many general businesses but also caters to the unique needs of grocery stores.

Business Insurance Basics

The following are the basics typically covered under most business insurance plans and therefore should be included in plans for grocery stores as well:

Workers Compensation

This coverage offers financial support to employees who are injured on the job.


When there are damages done to third parties, liability insurance helps cover expenses associated with making reparations.


Property insurance ensures that business property can be adequately repaired or recovered if property is damaged or needs replacement.

Unique Needs Met by Grocery Store Insurance

A grocery store cannot be categorized with any other type of business as it has its own unique needs to consider. Having specialized insurance can also cover the following in addition to the basics:

  • Druggist and liquor liability
  • Coverage for autos used for business purposes
  • Loss control and accident prevention

When the time comes to select grocery store insurance, be sure to check eligibility requirements. Factors such as rules regarding firearms, the size of the establishment, whether habitation on site is permitted and percentage of liquor sales are some factors that might be considered.