Solutions for Extended Risks

Solutions for Extended Risks

There are many potential insurance clients with extended property risks that are some of the more difficult to get insured. They form a group of potential customers that desire to be covered against loss and liability with a high-risk location or property. First Gate Insurance can be the answer with solutions for extended risks. Here are examples of high risk that can be insured through this full-service insurance company.

Mobile and Manufactured Homes

A housing choice for many Floridians, mobile and manufactured homes can also be a higher insurability risk. This type of housing is more liable to physical property damage from windstorms, flooding, lightning, and structural damage from bursting pipes. First Gate has replacement cost coverage available for personal property in the homes as well as the structure itself.

Coastal Flooding

A property located right on the coast has a potentially high risk of coastal flooding. Hurricanes pose additional windstorm damage to these properties when they make landfall. Coverage from First Gate Insurance makes peace of mind available to coastal property owners with replacement cost coverage as well as liability coverage if anyone is injured while on the property.

Options exist for hard to insure properties or locations that can provide coverage for their unique exposures to risk. In addition, these properties can be insured against theft, vandalism, and fire as part of a full insurance package.