Social Networks That Help Boost Your Agency’s Online Presence

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Having an online presence on major social networking sites is an important part of any successful insurance digital marketing campaign. However, with so many different social networks out there, it can be difficult to keep track of which ones are best for connecting with potential customers. Here is a guide to using some of the most popular social networks to your benefit.

Facebook: A Facebook page is a great way to get in touch with potential customers, share news about your business, and pass on deals and special offers that reward loyal clients.

Twitter: Keep your insurance agency in the forefront of your clients’ minds by posting regular Twitter updates. Maintaining a Twitter account is fast and easy and has the potential to reach a lot of people quickly.

Google+: Google+ operates similarly to Facebook, but by using it intelligently you can easily boost your business’ Google ranking and reach more people who are using Google to search.

LinkedIn: Let potential clients get to know the members of your insurance team by creating LinkedIn pages for each of them that outline their experience and accomplishments in the industry.

YouTube: YouTube lets you put a personal face on your business by adding videos that allow people to get an idea of how your insurance agency operates.

An online social networking presence can give an instant boost to your insurance digital marketing campaign.