Simple Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Insurance Company

insurance company marketing

Recent research suggests that one effective way for insurance agents to reach prospective clients is through social media. Your insurance company marketing may become more effective if you implement these simple strategies.

1. Determine Where Your Target Audience Lies

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are generally considered to be the most target-rich social media sites for marketing. However, consider whether alternative sites like Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram may be of use to you, especially if you are seeking to reach Millennials.

2. Build a Community

Think of using social media to do more than simply showcase your products and services. Rather, use it as an opportunity to have meaningful interaction with clients and potential clients. Build relationships. Use social media as an opportunity to educate, not just sell.

3. Post on Industry-Adjacent Topics That Are of Interest to Clients and Potential Clients

While your social media posts should have a focus, the connection to insurance may, in some cases, be somewhat tangential. This is fine. Your goal is to get people to read and interact with your posts, even if they are merely insurance-adjacent.

We live in a society that is increasingly driven by social media; use this to your advantage when you are considering your insurance company marketing.