Send a Letter, Share a Thought

Send a Letter, Share a Thought

There’s no doubt about it: you live in an electronic world. People are more apt to pull out a smart phone than the yellow pages when they need to find a business. If you want your agency to succeed, part of your marketing for insurance should include using online media.

Electronic Newsletters

Mailing a newsletter has been a popular way for agents to share ideas or information with their clients for some time. No doubt it can be effective, but it’s also expensive. It’s time to give your bulletin an update: an email version. Keep the format, but now you can send it without a visit to the post office.

Here’s a bonus: full color won’t cost you anything extra. Better yet, you can include a way for customers to click back to your website or give you a referral.


Blogging is no longer just for aspiring cooks and crafters. It’s an ideal way for you to engage potential clients with information they can use. Offer tips on topics such as how to choose a dishwasher or television. And hey, maybe you could point out that you happen to insure those items.

The key to marketing for insurance is to get the attention of clients. To do that, you need to go where they are. Using basic media such as email and blogs can help get your name seen.