Self-Service Laundromats: Problems That Require Special Insurance

Self-Service Laundromats: Problems That Require Special Insurance

Self-service laundromat insurance

There are unique risks involved in running a business that allows customers to use expensive equipment on their own. Various liabilities could become an issue for these types of businesses, including laundromats. Because issues related to self-service laundromats can be very specific, many basic commercial insurance policies may not be sufficient for protecting against their specific problems.This is why self-service laundromat insurance is available.

The Risk in Self-Service

Allowing customers to do their own laundry while using a business’s equipment poses a variety of risks. Self-service laundromat insurance was created to address these concerns:

  • Damage caused to property due to user misuse
  • Children playing around, with or in equipment
  • Customer injury from misuse or damaged equipment
  • Staining or other damages to clothing because of broken machinery
  • Leaking washing machines causing slippery floors
  • Uneven floors due to drains causing unstable walking surfaces
  • Dryer lint building up and causing a fire
  • Folding tables with improper support for customers to sit on
  • Possible misconduct or harassment between customers within the building
  • Theft of business or customer property

Many of these issues can arise because self-service laundromats are often unsupervised. An attendant is not always present to keep an eye on equipment, property and customers. Self-service laundromat insurance is critical for the success and protection of this type of business.