Safeguarding Society’s Support System


Charitable organizations are often set up with the objective of assisting the disenfranchised. Non-profit organizations make sure that if opportunity failed to knock on certain doors, second chances are available. It’s easy for organizations to be so focused on helping others that the things that keep the company’s infrastructure secure and functional can often be ignored. IFS can help to make sure that your insurance needs do not fall by the wayside. Useful insurance products for nonprofit entities include the following:

  • General Liability
  • Employee bonding
  • Commercial auto insurance

Why Would a Non-Profit Organization Need Insurance?

General liability insurance is key for any organization that has a high volume of people present on business premises. IFS offers solutions that will protect the organization from legal and compensatory damages from patrons or employees who injure themselves in the workplace. Employee bonding is a recommended feature for employees who handle cash regularly. Commercial auto insurance is useful for charitable organizations whose employees or volunteers venture into the community to perform services.

Since non-profit organizations often rely heavily on limited public funding, small business interruptions can have large implications. Insurance can help mitigate these interruptions and keep your organization relevant and veritable. By making sure it is properly protected, your organization can have the longevity to sustain many more years of community service.