Rowboat Maintenance Tips for a Water-Filled Summer


Summertime is quickly approaching. With warmer weather, people are hitting the lakes, rivers and coasts to enjoy their boats. In addition to having rowing boat insurance, there are a few maintenance tips that can ensure your rowboat stays in top shape all summer long.


Storing your boat properly keeps it cleaner and ready for use. The experts at Mariners General Insurance Group understands that even a properly stored boat can be damaged. The right insurance plan protects your boat even when in storage.


The shell of the rowboat is one of the most important pieces to maintain. Waxing and polishing a clean boat can keep the hull in top shape and ready for those million rows the average rower puts in. Avoid wet sanding and keep up with any necessary repairs. The faster you repair the boat, the longer it will continue to function well.


A rowboat has intricate parts to keep the oars firmly in place and moving seamlessly. Make sure to properly lubricate all parts regularly. All of that friction can wear them out faster without lubrication. However, don’t simply lubricate haphazardly. Make sure to clean them regularly and avoid over lubricating.

These tips along with rowing boat insurance can keep you on the water whether you only boat locally or hit the road regularly. The proper care and storage keep your boat in top shape. Hit the waves throughout the summer.