Resident Safety and Nursing Homes Insurance

Resident Safety and Nursing Homes Insurance

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Nursing Homes Insurance

Proprietors of a nursing home have to provide a safe and caring environment for residents living there. The families are often involved in the process and want to maintain that their loved ones, who have certain rights and protections under federal and state laws, are getting the care and services they need. At the time of admittance, as well as during their stay, these rights should be discussed and explained to them, as well as documented in writing, in a language they understand.


In addition it should also be explained in writing how the individual should act and what they’re responsible for while they’re in the nursing home. At a minimum, federal law specifies that a nursing home must protect and promote the rights of each resident. Any resident that is injured, or mistreated in any way, might decide to file a claim, or seek retribution in a court of law. This illustrates the importance of having nursing homes insurance that can provide protection for nursing home owners when such a situation arises.


Families and residents expect a certain level of treatment and care


Residents should first and foremost be treated with respect. After all, they have the right to be treated with dignity by caregivers, guests and other persons working at, or visiting the facility. Proper monitoring should be done to ensure that the residents do not experience verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse, as well as abuse of any property or money in their possession (this is known as “misappropriation of property”).


Any known improprieties should immediately be reported to the nursing home administrator. The nursing home must investigate and generally should report all suspected violations and any injuries of unknown origin within 5 working days of the incident to the proper authorities.


Nursing home should at all times be free from discrimination


While nursing homes don’t have to accept all applicants, they must comply with local, state, and federal civil rights laws. On the flip side, staff, workers and caregivers should be properly screened, and any reports of neglect or abuse by any member of the staff should be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.


Residents have the right to make a complaint against anyone for allegedly mistreating them, whether a caregiver of the nursing home or any other person, without fear of being punished. There complaints should be taken seriously, unless proven otherwise. The delicate nature of these concerns makes nursing homes insurance an all too valuable coverage to have in place.