Reasons to Consider Commercial Laundry Insurance

Small business owners need all of the added protection that they can get. Those who own dry cleaning businesses or other commercial laundry facilities need more than just the basic insurance coverage used by many other businesses. Commercial launderers insurance can be customized for a specific business in order to provide the best service for the owner. If you run your own dry cleaning business, here are some reasons that you may need insurance.


Fill the Gaps


General insurance is not enough to protect a commercial laundry business. There are often many gaps in coverage that could be filled with the right commercial launderers insurance. Because you deal with customers’ goods, you need coverage that ensures that you are covered in the case of a lost or misplaced item. Some of the most important specialized coverage options for dry cleaners include:


  • Box storage
  • Workers compensation
  • Boiler and machinery coverage
  • Business vehicles
  • Mysterious disappearance


Without the addition of these options to your insurance policy you could end up in a lurch due to malfunctioning equipment, an injured employee, or an unhappy customer.


Customized Coverage


Relying on a basic insurance policy is a risk that most small business owners cannot take. With a customized commercial launderers insurance plan, you are better able to have peace of mind about the security of your investment.

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