Protection Against Legal Malpractice

Protection Against Legal Malpractice

attorney legal malpractice insurance programs

Upholding the law and promoting justice are an attorney’s primary responsibilities. But regardless of the size of the firm, type of clients or cases that lawyers must handle, they must inevitably face the challenges of balancing a list of important responsibilities vital to their clients’ success. Even a lawyer with a seemingly flawless record is not immune to the risks that lawyers commonly face. Thanks to safeguards such as attorney legal malpractice insurance programs, they do not need to navigate these disputes alone.

What Is Considered Malpractice?

With a job with such high stakes such as an attorney, it should be no surprise that the consequences of not having adequate performance are stressful and potentially costly. Some actions that are considered malpractice in this profession include:

  • Violations of professional and ethical codes of conduct according to the American Bar Association or state bars
  • Breaches of contract
  • Negligence resulting in financial loss, harm, injury or incompetence
  • Proceeding despite conflicts of interests

Coverage Options

Taking advantage of attorney legal malpractice insurance programs is a practical step in protecting one’s career in law. For guidance through the various options and customized plans available based on the size of the firm, jurisdiction, practice area, policy limits and other factors, speak to an agency rep to see which plans might be the best fit for you.