Protecting Your Investment

Protecting Your Investment

antique classic car insurance

Your classic car is more than a beautiful vehicle–it’s an investment of time, money and love. Antique classic car insurance helps you to protect that vehicle just as you would your home, business, or family.

Common Needs

As any car collector can tell you, there is no typical classic or collector car. However, there are a number of coverage needs that these types of cars share, including:

  • spare parts
  • towing insurance
  • accident and injury
  • comprehensive insurance

These may sound like ordinary needs, but in this context they may be different. Spare parts for a rare, antique vehicle are a different matter than those for an antique stock car, or a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Accident and injury coverage is different if you drive your car daily, or simply plan to show it in classic car parades and at shows. These and other considerations having to do with the specific vehicle you own make this insurance a special challenge.

Tailored Coverage

Its best to find an insurance broker who has knowledge of and experience with classic cars. These are the people who will understand where the value lies, and how to accurately gauge the type and level of coverage that you need to protect your car. Antique classic car insurance can protect your investment and give you the confidence that comes from knowing you’re covered.