Protect a High End Home With High Value Homeowners Insurance

Protect a High End Home With High Value Homeowners Insurance

NJ Homeowners Insurance

A beautiful custom home reflects the owner’s individual taste and standards. Often this kind of home is built with the help of highly skilled artisans and best-quality materials. It may incorporate special features and amenities not found elsewhere. For some homes, upkeep necessitates additional staff. A NJ homeowners insurance policy may be created with these extended requirements in mind.

Coverage for a Unique Property

A high value home may be impressive from the dwelling itself and its contents through the extent of the grounds. Today’s exceptional home is not necessary a showy home, but one that exhibits the owner’s intentions throughout. It may be constructed to strict environmental standards. In the event of damage, the costs of rebuilding to “green” standards may exceed the coverage provided by a basic NJ homeowners insurance policy. Enhanced coverage with increased limits makes it possible to reconstruct a damaged home with the integrity of the original structure.

Protection for Domestic Employees

Homeowners that employ a staff to help run and maintain their households may consider carrying Employment Practices Liability (EPL) and workers compensation. EPL protects against financial loss due to lawsuits initiated for claims of issues such as discrimination or wrongful termination. Workers compensation allows for compensation in the event of injury on the job. An experienced agent may help build the right policy for a high end home.


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