Preparing for a Comedy Show Behind the Scenes

Preparing for a Comedy Show Behind the Scenes

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Starting your own comedy club can be a profitable and exciting business venture. With nationwide talent circulating through, energetic crowds, food, and drink, you can look forward to providing customers with a fun escape, day or night. However, putting on a show requires so much more than one might think. As an entertainment venue, many steps must be taken even before the first act hits the stage. With adequate preparation, such as finding good insurance, comedy clubs can be very successful.

Go Down the Checklist

Before even advertising for your first show, it is important to ensure that all bases are covered. Included in your to-do list should be the following:

  • Parking arrangements including valet if applicable
  • Licensing including food and drink
  • Contracts for deejays and other vendors
  • Set-up for sound systems
  • Seating configurations
  • Hiring a security team
  • Protections against cyber threats
  • Ensuring the safety of employees and patrons

These are just some of the steps required to set a comedy club up for success. If this is your first time running this type of business, it may feel overwhelming figuring out all the logistics in addition to putting on an entertaining show. With agencies that provide specialized insurance, comedy clubs can rest easy knowing that they have the support of those familiar with the exposures in this unique line of work.