The Power of Regular Short Social Media Posts

The Power of Regular Short Social Media Posts

Insurance Digital Marketing

Perhaps you’d like to ramp up your insurance digital marketing activity, but you don’t yet have full sponsorship. Here are a couple of the especially powerful aspects of taking to the social channels to promote your goods or services.

New Leads

Well-written, short posts with links to web pages are great for cultivating interest. When the landing page has a short, fillable form, you can easily collect the email addresses of prospective clients. One study showed that 54 percent of those who do business in business marketing generated leads via social media. 40 percent of those converted prospects to income. It seems that those short messages weren’t lost in the universe after all.

Increased Traffic

Even when traffic isn’t immediately linked to revenue, it builds awareness for your brand. That’s because when your site receives visitors, your message is being heard. Engaging, unique content could mean that others link to your site. Such mentions contribute to a strong reputation. With an investment of just six hours per week, some companies saw a 79 percent traffic increase! That provides a strong case for upping your insurance digital marketing efforts.

Many corporations are full of people who already see the value in whitepapers and case studies. If you find the effectiveness of social media is under debate where you work, let the results speak for themselves.