Organizing Your Valet Service for Successful Events

Organizing Your Valet Service for Successful Events

Valet Service

Valet parking is a guest’s first impression and the last one, too. Knowing how to organize valet parking for your events is vital to your organization’s success and ensures good reviews and future business.

Know Details Ahead of Time

First, find out the number of expected attendees. Then, scope out the available parking area at the event location. Make a plan that ensures enough space for the attending guests. Determine whether people arrive at once or throughout the evening, so you have enough valets available.

Make a Good Impression

Clean, crisp uniforms for your parking professionals ensure a remarkable first impact for guests and set the tone for a great experience. Have the necessary equipment for a smooth operation such as signs to direct visitors, a podium for the valet manager, and tickets to identify the cars and keys. Additional perks like patio heaters, umbrellas or snacks and drinks offer an upscale and memorable interaction with your service.

Communicate With Guests

Provide parking information on event invitations and communicate with callers throughout to ensure a seamless process.

Acquire Liability Insurance

Understand the risks associated with your service and how to organize valet parking to minimize possible safety concerns. Insurance for your company typically covers:

  • General liability covers injury or damage to a property caused by a valet attendant.
  • Garage keepers insurance pays for damage to vehicles in the care of your drivers.
  • Workers’ compensation provides medical and disability coverage for valet injuries or illnesses that are job-related.