Optimize Your Website for Performance

SEO for insurance

SEO is constantly changing and evolving. What worked last year may not be effective today or next year. SEO for insurance is one of the most competitive industries online. Local independent agents compete with national brands for many of the same customers. General keywords such as “auto insurance” or “business insurance” most often lead to one of the big chains. However, it is possible for smaller agencies to compete.


Understanding your customers as well as the competition is essential to creating an SEO strategy that can increase rankings and improve lead generation. The goal is to be on the first search engine results page, enabling potential customers to find you. There are specific things that search engines look for in content to make websites easy to index, which in turn improves ranking.

  • Relevance. Make sure the terms that are most important to your business are used on the site.
  • Quality. Articles, videos, infographics and other content should be well crafted and created for humans, rather than search engines.
  • Experience. The site should be easily navigable and searchable. Link relevant content with related content to keep the site visitors interested and exploring the site further.

Consistent updates and adding quality, relevant content can keep the site fresh. Ongoing analysis enables you make adjustments so that SEO for insurance agencies continues to improve website performance.