Nurses Can Protect Themselves With Liability Insurance

Nurses Can Protect Themselves With Liability Insurance

Nurses Service Organization

As caregivers, nurses often spend their working hours nurturing the sick, injured, and dying. For the most part, they inherently comfort, calm, and reassure individuals in need of some sort of relief. After spending so many hours tending to suffering individuals, what happens when someone needs help after work hours? Nurses are not often thrown into situations where they are called upon to act outside the scope of his or her employment by attending to people at the scene of an accident, but it does happen. Sadly, most work liability and malpractice insurance does not cover lawsuits stemming from after work tragedies. Nurses Service Organization insurance can easily cover the gap.

What Does the Insurance Cover?

NSO is an individual professional liability and malpractice insurance that can cover a wide range of licensing and administrative proceedings. Here are a few:

  • Attorney fees
  • Malpractice lawsuits
  • Legal defense
  • Peer review proceedings
  • Review or suspension of clinical privileges

A Nurses Service Organization policy can also provide coverage if a conflict of interest arises during work hours because an employer has a different agenda than his or her employee does in a legal action. In such cases, a hospital attorney could find it difficult to represent two opposing clients.

A malpractice defense in a lawsuit can be expensive. It is easy to find protection with a Nurses Service Organization insurance policy.