Minimize Your Financial Risk Through Comprehensive Business Insurance

As your business grows, so does its insurance needs. You may need to carry a higher limit of liability or add policies to cover different aspects of your business. It’s recommended that you have an annual review with your insurance carrier to know the exclusions on your policies and to make sure that you have adequate coverage for your needs. Your insurance carrier should also offer risk management techniques to help you avoid making claims. What can you ask your underwriter of small business insurance in Florida?

Where do you think there are gaps in my coverage?

  • Do I have any coverage that is out-of-date?
  • What new products can protect my business?
  • Are there new risks in my industry that I might not be aware of from a financial and insurance viewpoint?
  • What kind of risk management methods can you help me with?
  • Am I covered for hurricanes and floods? What are the exclusions of my policy?
  • What about man-made disasters, mass shootings or a bomb?
  • Am I covered in the event of a cyber breach?

The marketplace for small business insurance in Florida changes as the world does. Businesses should make sure that their policies are there when needed. You don’t want to be underinsured. Know your insurance policies for your business and have peace of mind.